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JOYRUQO Soothing Reparing Freeze-Dried Mask

JOYRUQO Soothing Reparing Freeze-Dried Mask

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đź’– Soothing Repairing Freeze-Dried Mask

Experience the ultimate in skincare luxury with JOYRUQO's Soothing Repairing Freeze-Dried Mask – your passport to radiant, rejuvenated skin!


đź’ Soothing and Skin Repairing
đź’ Skin Firming
đź’ Anti-Wrinkle
đź’ Moisturizes Skin
đź’ Skin-friendly mask suitable for sensitive skin
đź’ Two-step skin treatment
đź’ Advanced skin formulation
đź’ Plant extract ingredient


đź’ Product Name: JOYRUQO Soothing Repairing Freeze-Dried Mask
đź’ Mask Classification: Patch Type
đź’ Specifications: (lyophilized facial mask 650mg + purified water 25ml)*5 tablets
đź’ Shelf Life: 3 years
đź’ Efficacy: soothing, repairing, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, firming
đź’ Product texture: After being infiltrated with water, it presents a milky white lotion essence, which is moist but not greasy, crystal moist and soft.

đź’—How to use it?

đź’ After the cleansing step, remove a single sheet mask by tearing open the packaging and extracting the mask packaging, which holds the mask cloth.

đź’ Remove the purified water serum from its packaging, open the container, and distribute it evenly onto the mask cloth within the mask tray. Allow it to sit for one minute.

đź’ Once the membrane cloth is thoroughly saturated with the serum, remove it from the tray and gently apply it to your face. Allow it to rest for 15 to 20 minutes, and then proceed to remove it.

đź’ Gently massage your face to encourage complete absorption of the essence into the skin.

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