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Kinbata Color & Dirts Absorption Colour Catcher Laundry Sheet Anti Mite Anti Bacteria Anti-dye 30pcs

Kinbata Color & Dirts Absorption Colour Catcher Laundry Sheet Anti Mite Anti Bacteria Anti-dye 30pcs

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💖 Japan Brand & Technology Kinbata!

1️⃣ Kinbata Colour Absorber Sheet:

👉 Japan technology Kinbata laundry sheet

👉 Honeycomb texture non-woven fabrics enhanced the color and dirt adsorption.

👉 Color absorption for clothes cleaning/laundry

👉 Prevent clothes dyeing, keep your clothes bright and clean.

👉 Anti-bacteria & anti mites

👉 Convenient & easy to use, direct disposal of the sheet after use.

🔥 Size per piece: 14.5 (L) x 11 (H) CM

🔥 Weight per box: 150g

✅ How to use:

👉 Put the laundry sheets together with clothes in the washing machine, follow with normal laundry procedures, After washing, dispose of the used laundry sheets, Every time in the 2 to 4 pieces depends on clothes quantity, For low risk of color dyed -1pcs for 10-15L of water, For medium risk - 2pcs for 15-20L of water


2️⃣ Kinbata Fragrance Floor Deep Cleaning Sheet:

👉 Function: Antibacterial, Remove Stubborn Stains, Brightening, Long-lasting fragrance

👉 Applicable materials: Suitable for solid wood floor/bamboo floor/tile or marble

🔥 Size per piece: 11 (L) x 7 (H) CM

🔥 Pack Weight: 45g

✅ How to use:

1) Put the floor cleaning sheets into the water to let them dissolve, Let the mop fully soak into the water, Use the mop to mop the floor as usual.


3️⃣ Kinbata Washing Machine Cleaner: (For first-timer: 4 pieces/time)

👉 Clean your washing machine

👉 Insert 1 Tablet into the Washing Machine & proceed with a wash cycle

👉 Cleans the filter & internal parts, including the drum & pipes

👉 Removes sediments of dirt + detergent residue.

👉 Suitable for all kinds of Washing Machine

🔥 Size per piece: 9 (L) x 5 (W) x 8 (H) CM

🔥 Weight per box: 100g


4️⃣ Kinbata Footwear Deodorant:

✅ Function: Inhibition of bacteria and deodorization, fresh fragrance, effective antibacterial, harmless, sterilization.

✅ Capacity: 120ml/360ml

✅ Physical form: Nano Spray

✅ How to use:

👉 Open and shake the deodorant, Put the deodorant into the shoes, Press lightly 1-2 times, Instantly dry, spray and wear


5️⃣ Kinbata Stain Clothing Remover Pen:

✅ Function: Oil stain, blood stain, red wine stain

✅ Used on: Cotton, canvas, microfiber and etc

✅ Feature: Small size and light weight, easy to carry everywhere you go

👉 9ml

✅ How to use:

👉 Use tissue or cloth to wipe excessive oil, stain, lip stick, Press for cleaning liquid and rub it on the stain, Repeat step 2 until it is clean, When the stain is dissolved, used wet tissue to wipe it off


6️⃣ Kinbata Explosive Salt Bleaching Powder:

✅ Product Details:

👉 Weight: 400g

👉 Specification* 20g*20 packs

👉 Function: Powerful decontamination, does not damage clothes, effectively dissolves macular stains, sterilizes and removes odors, gentle use. Baby clothes and other colors clothes can be washed.


7️⃣ Kinbata Coffee Stain Removal:

✅ Product Details:

👉 Specification: 10pcs/box

👉 Ingredients: Peroxides, enzymes, surfactants, sodium carbonate, etc.

👉 Function: Effectively dissolves tea/coffee stain

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