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Mini Colorful Professional 30Speed 6Head Massage Gun Fascia Gun Relaxation Massager Women Massage Gun

Mini Colorful Professional 30Speed 6Head Massage Gun Fascia Gun Relaxation Massager Women Massage Gun

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1️⃣ Mini Colorful Fascia Gun:

👉 Color: Pink, Green, Grey

👉 Battery: 1800mAh

👉 Weight: 610g

👉 Product size: 14*14cm

👉 Packing size: 23*20*6.2cm

👉 Gear: 20

👉 Body material: ABS

👉 Rated frequency: 50hz

👉 Rated power: 24w

👉 Rated voltage: 7.4v

👉 Motor type: Brushed motor

👉 Applicable parts: Whole body

✅ Features:

👉 Motor overheating automatic intelligent power off

👉 Large battery capacity & long-lasting battery life

👉 Small and light, easy to carry

👉 45db low noise and silent

👉 20-speed variable frequency motor

2️⃣ Professional 30Speed

👉 Color: Black/Carbon Fiber Black:

👉 Type: LCD Version

👉 Stroke: 12 mm

👉 Frequency: 4000 r/min

👉 Rated Input: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz

👉 Endurance Time: 6 Hours

👉 Number Of Massage Heads: 6

👉 Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh

👉 Speed Regulation: 30 Gear Control

👉 Rated Voltage: DC 16.8V

👉 Size: 23*22*6.5cm

✨ Contains six different massage heads to meet a variety of needs.

👉 Ball-shaped head: Suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, waist, hips, thighs, and calves

👉 U-shaped head: Suitable for massaging the neck, spine, and Achilles

👉 Cylindrical head: Suitable for impacting deep tissues such as meridians, palms, soles, etc

👉 Flat-shaped head: Suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts

👉 J-shaped head: Suitable for various muscle parts such as meridians, joints, palms, etc

👉 D-type head: Suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts.

🤩 Features:

✨ Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain, increase blood circulation.

✨ 30 gear adjustment, you can choose the best mode for massage

✨ Long Battery Life, 2500mAh large capacity lithium battery, ultra-long time for 4-6 hours.

✨ Overheat protection, and other safety protection devices, good heat dissipation system, safe to use.

✨ Ergonomically designed non-slip silicone handle makes the device easier & comfortable to hold

✨ Comes with a suitcase, portable to massage anytime, anywhere.

3️⃣ Pocket Massage Gun:

👉 Size: 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.5 CM

👉 Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz

👉 Rated Power:1A

👉 Rated Voltage: 5V

👉 Material: ABS

👉 Battery: 1000mAh

👉 Motor Type: Brush Motor

👉 Life Time: 2 Hours

👉 Power Supply Mode: USB

👉 Color: Pink & Green

👉 Control Way: Hand-Held

👉 Weight:105g

👉 Gear: 6 Modes

✅ Function:

👉 Mini & Portable, Light Weight, Multi-Gear Adjustment, Low-Noise Mute, Multi-Speed

✨ Electric MINI Massager!

✨ 6 Modes, USB Rechargeable!

4️⃣ Mini Portable Massage Gun: NEW

👉 Battery life: 0-4 hours

👉 Battery capacity: 1200mah

👉 Power supply: USB

👉 Color: black, green

👉 Massage Head: 4

👉 Weight: 700g

👉 Gear: 6

👉 Body material: ABS

👉 Rated frequency: 50Hz

👉 Rated power: 25W

👉 Smart Type: Automatic Power Off

👉 Rated voltage: 7.4V

👉 Motor speed: 1200-3200

✅ Function: Mini portable, multi-speed adjustment, intelligent power off, low noise and mute, multi-speed frequency conversion

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